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I was introduced to all of this about a decade ago, through a close friend. It's been a pretty interesting ride so far, and opened my eyes to so many little details in the world. It's a very different experience to view places through a lens, and I almost feel like it's more real than it was before.

Photography, for me, is my way of showing people how I see the world. I like the little things; The often missed details that go unnoticed around us every day. Textures, colors, shapes, or the odd juxtaposition of constructed and natural. I tend to shoot very close and isolate individual features. I love looking at things from odd angles, or from a different vantage point than you'd normally see it. That, and I just never wrapped my head around how to frame landscapes.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and I hope you start to notice the small things as well.

Daniel Knoerlein

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